NAS (Network Attached Storage)

The Addonics family of NAS products offers a wide variety of solutions, from simply placing a USB drive on a network to a scalable RAID array. The latest generation provides shared storage (CIFS/SMB), WebDAV services, shared media services for Xbox 360 and iTunes, Torrent and secondary read-only storage or printer sharing – all configurable with an easy-to-use web interface.

NAS (Network Attached Storage) Categories

20.1 NAS Adapter   Click here to download the brochure

01.) NAS 4.0 Adapter

02.) internal GigaNAS adapter

03.) WiFi Drive Adapter


20.2 WiFi Drive Adapter Click here to download the brochure

01.) WiFi Drive Adapter

 01.) WiFi Drive Adapter Model:
WDAUSM - $39.95
WDAUSM-P - $49.00

20.3 NAS enclosure Storage Tower  Rack  Click here to download the brochure

01.) NAS Tower R5

02.) Secure NAS R5 

03.) Secure NAS 2R5

04.)  NAS Tower 3R5

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